The Garden at Gethsemane was originally built on the corner of Virginia Ave. and McGalliard Rd in 1954.  The vision of the church then was” The Lost At Any Cost.”  The area upon which the church was built was originally a fruit orchard.  The founding pastor came to that orchard, before any ground was turned, and on his knees prayed that the church to be built would be a lasting witness to the truth and power of Jesus Christ to the city that would grow up around it.  Over the years there have been times that The Garden at Gethsemane has struggled to maintain and accomplish the work of the Kingdom of God, but over the last 11 years our vision, teaching, worship and disciple-making has continued to have a transformational hand in the work of the Kingdom of God in Muncie, IN.   Our vision of Plant, Grow, Send has allowed the Holy Spirit to have control over every ministry in the church.  

With the onset of the current pandemic, ministry has changed significantly.  We have found ourselves creating a virtual presence that would have never been dreamed of in 1954.  However, the vision, “Plant, Grow, Send,” has not changed even though the work of making disciples looks entirely different now.  As we follow the path that the Lord has set out for us, and we enter the world of digital disciple making, we are more excited than ever before with the opportunities that He has presented to us.  And we are more committed to accomplishing the work that He has for us to do, in Muncie, IN and beyond… to “make disciples of all nations.”.