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 A.C.T.S. Groups are a reimagining of John Wesley’s small groups in the early years of the Methodist movement. From the time of the Apostles until today, small groups have proven their value in bringing the people of God together to move toward that goal of Christ-likeness. But those small groups only have spiritual value when they come together with the intention of moving people on their journey. That is the intent of A.C.T.S. Groups…moving people intentionally on the path to a Christ centered life. When A.C.T.S. groups function as intended, they become the center of church life. Sunday morning worship is the cherry on top!

When I first stepped in to The Garden Sanctuary on September 21, 2014, I knew something was missing in my life. When I heard Rev. Vickie ask “What has God said to you today?” I was shocked. Why would God speak to me? Now, being led by Pastors Kate, RC and Tony, I would like to detail an important part of why I can answer those questions.

ACTS Group participation has been an important factor in my transformation and moving me toward finding answers in my life. The word ACTS is an acronym. Each letter stands for a component of individual and group responsibility: Accountability, Caring, Teaching and Service.

So, why should you consider joining or leading an ACTS Group:

  1. It’s a Journey thing! Our group meets Tuesday night for 90 minutes and is led by Scott Green although Scott would say he is only the facilitator. Do you like meeting with other people who are followers of Jesus? Do you like Spirit led discussions “Digging Deeper” into messages from Sunday? Are you ready for Meat instead of Milk? Join or Form an ACTS Group! 
  1. Something missing in your life? Like I was in 2014, do you know something is missing, but don’t know what? Do you NOT know what you should do next? You consider yourself a Child of God, but want a Family? ACTS group participation has guided many in our group to Israel, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Jordan in pursuit of the Holy Spirit. Join or Form an ACTS Group!
  1. Believe Fun and Fellowship are synonymous? In our group you might begin the night with Scott asking what was the #1 song on April 23, 1970? It was Michael Jackson’s “ABC” BTW. Or you might play a “spirited” game of Pictionary and need to draw a Shetland Pony and have people identify your drawing. Do you enjoy sharing fellowship with caring friends of a like mind? Join or Form an ACTS Group!
  1. Do you want to help others but don’t know what or how? We serve lunch at Main Street and serve others in the community through mentorship and openly discuss our successes and failures weekly. We give guidance and helpful suggestions as to next steps while praising “stepping outside the box!” Is serving or mentoring important to you? Join or Form an ACTS Group!
  1. Love teaching and learning? Yes, like Pastor Kate, some of us actually do love history and geology. Most of our group has led the group at different times. If you want to teach or learn: Join or Form an ACTS Group?

I would like to end my message having you consider joining or leading an ACTS Group today by citing John 13: 34-35:

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Mike Sheffield